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Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday House Deals provides a powerful and proactive advertising platform for holiday accommodation including resorts, hotels and apartments. We are Australia’s most social-media-savvy holiday rental advertising company, using our social media, email and web platforms to reach and engage with millions of people all over Australia. We have the highest (by far) social media engagement in the holiday rental promotion industry. We have a market-segmented community of Australian women in the 40-60 age group who enjoy travelling within Australia, who are key influencers and decision makers at home; and who are responsible and trustworthy guests.
We have a limited number of holiday accommodation on our advertising platforms at any one time so that you shine bright and get showcased as standout featured holiday accommodation in your region. We have a media publishing and marketing team that creates professional content to promote your accommodation, so that all our content is well written, visually appealing, attention grabbing and highly influential to achieve maximum exposure. We are in the business of making your holiday accommodation stand out so people know you, trust you and contact you.
Holiday House Deals is the only Australian holiday rental platform that helps holiday accommodation by facilitating and aiding the growth of their own business and marketing assets. Our platform is extremely easy to use and we work for you. We actively encourage and facilitate direct communication between you and prospective guests so that you can use your expertise to upsell, cross-sell and secure bookings for your accommodation business. Our advertising plans include ongoing monthly promotion so that you have the opportunity for continual reinforcement with our audience.
Our media publishing and marketing team are notified as soon as you make payment and will get started on the promotional activities for your holiday accommodation.
No, it isn't necessary to offer a deal to be promoted by us. Our brand and marketing platform is exciting to lure prospective guests and draw the attention of people looking to take holidays in Australia. Certainly you do have the opportunity to promote special offers, however it is not required to advertise with us.
If your objective is to get more bookings during the quieter times of year, then offering an appealing deal during this time is a great strategy for filling your quieter periods. Why leave your accommodation empty or settle for only a few bookings during that period, when you could proactively drive more bookings and help fill the quieter times by offering a price incentive for that time of year? Some holiday accommodation providers choose to offer a deal for 12 months of the year, while others apply conditions to the winter or mid week times only. It is up to you how you work it, and it depends on your objectives as to which strategy you wish to employ. However, it is certainly a sound and recommended strategy for attracting bookings in the quieter times because it is based on Supply and Demand.
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