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We use our exciting and magnetic brand to draw a huge crowd that helps holiday rental owners get seen, featured and remembered.

We provide FEATURED EXPOSURE for holiday rentals, so that individual holiday rentals get to stand out in their own right on the internet so they can be contacted directly by prospective guests. The more you build your own accommodation brand, identity and online footprint, the easier it is for prospective guests to find you directly online, which makes you more empowered than ever before.

Holiday House Stays is unlike any other accommodation site out there. We’re NOT a listing site that obstructs contact between guests and holiday rental owners. Instead, we are a digital advertising platform specifically FOR holiday rental owners to be DISCOVERED! We enable you to use our powerful social media and email platform to get FEATURED and SHINE BRIGHT so you can be discovered and found… not just now, but long into the future! We have social media reach of 30,000,000 people per year. We also have a massive email subscriber base that we promote to (a niched audience of women in the 40-60+ age group).

We are all about empowering holiday rental owners, and provide a range of promotional services that make your accommodation stand out independently, and entice prospective guests to your OWN online assets including YOUR accommodation website, and Facebook / Instagram page. We do exclusive Facebook posts linking directly to your online assets (ie Facebook page or website), email blasts, banner advertising, travel stories and so much more. This is not a sugar rush approach, to get you a quick booking. It’s instead, a long term strategy to get you far more visible online so that it becomes a sustainable and reliable way of attracting direct commission free bookings through your website, so that you can operate in your own right without having to heavily rely upon listing sites as your only booking funnel.

By getting your property featured on our powerful platform, the easier it is for prospective guests to know that you exist! Because we have such a massive audience, that helps with SEO for your site. It means that people can find your accommodation name / brand using the internet, which is how prospective guests are increasingly preferring to find holiday accommodation, so they don’t have to pay booking fees. For you, it means that you don’t have to pay out commissions, because we’re not a listing site. We empower owners by implementing a long term strategy to get you visible online, which transforms the way you attract bookings in the future!

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